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About Funky Panda

In a galaxy far, far away; a single panda known only as "Funky Panda", inhabitant of the "Funky Planet", travels through the Funky Way searching for the best of all funky music. Join him in his adventure through time and space! Tweet your favorite funky song and tell us where Funky Panda will travel next by using the hashtag: #FunkyWay


About the company

Funky Panda was formed with the intention of sharing smooth funky music to multiple people. What once started as a simple Youtube playlist intended to share to close friends, soon flourished into a full blown channel. Now with nearly 300,000 subscribers, Funky Panda has shown the world that funky music is still very much alive!

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Funky Way

Funky Way was made to share the music we love with the world. All songs released through Funky Way are licensed via Wolf Beats' Public Music License  and allows all YouTubers and Twitch streamers to use any Funky Way releases in their videos with monetization.

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